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Dubia Roaches- Large (Individual)

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Dubia roaches are nutritious. They contain more protein than any other feeder.  Dubia Roaches are long-lived: males usually live 12-18 months while females may live up to 2 years.  Dubia Roaches do not climb or fly: As long as they are kept in a smooth glass or plastic enclosure, Dubia Roaches are unable to escape by climbing or flying out.  Although the male roaches, who, in contrast to the females, have wings, are able to hover briefly, they are unable to gain any altitude and escape from a smooth-sided container. If any roaches should leave their enclosure, usually due to human carelessness or gaps in front-opening reptile cages, they will not survive or breed in the temperate climates where many reptiles are kept.  Dubia Roaches prefer dark, warm areas and are easy to care for.

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